Both large and small companies rely on technology in different ways. Regardless of scope, technology means ‘bigger,’ ‘faster,’ and ‘better’ in the manner in which enterprises run their operations. 

Through technology, businesses seamless interact with their clients, thereby giving answers to their questions. Tech such as inventory technologies let firms streamline their operations. Thus understanding how to manage their resources effectively. Technology still plays a crucial role to combat the rise in modern security threats such as intellectual fraud and ransomware attacks. Since time immemorial, the capacity of tech in business success has been expanding. 

A shift from the break it fit it a culture to managed services

Several years ago, waiting for an IT problem to arise, then calling a professional to fix it was the norm of doing things. A server or desktops could break down, an IT expert called to fix it, and business resumes normalcy. Technology outrages didn’t bear a significant impact on business operations. 

A break-it-fix-it culture is no longer a viable option in this age and time. Automation is a rule of thumb in most enterprises, which means any time lost is revenue lost. Consequently, rather than wait for outside technicians to fix IT breakdowns whenever things go wrong, businesses are considering managed services providers. Unlike the onetime technicians, MSPs have consistent relationships with their clients. They are proactively managing their clients’ information technology processes, security, and infrastructure. MSP are billed on a fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual rate. 

According to a recent report published by Statista, the worldwide managed services market needs is expected to surge to approximately 300 Billion by 2023 for its current 190 Billion. An indication that the modern IT environment offers invaluable solutions to enterprises. 

What are the various managed IT services your business can benefit from? 

Managed IT services are offered in various forms and sizes that can be tailored to your needs. Some of the managed services provided by reputable external partners such as Fusion Computing Limited Managed IT Services Toronto include: 

Security management

Managed security entails the protection of an organization’s infrastructure against threats such as malware and ransomware. It provides software patching and maintenance, monitoring, and upgrading applications to their latest versions. Every other element of risk prevention is sufficiently covered. 

Network and infrastructure management

Setting up and maintaining your business’ IT infrastructure can be such a costly endeavor in terms of finances and time. To focus on what matters, which is your business, you can outsource networking and infrastructure responsibilities to your MSP partner. They will proactively manage your servers, cloud infrastructure, storage solutions, wireless networks, and much more. This can either be done onsite or remotely from the MSP’s location. 

Communication management

Data, voice, and video services are part of the package offered by some managed services providers. These can be done on the same IP network or hosted on their servers on a PAYG basis. 

Analytics and reporting

Workable business strategies that further a business’s goals are based on informed and accurate data analytics and reporting techniques. Some MSPs are capitalizing on this wave of business intelligence. Providing their clientele with unbiased insights and patterns for the betterment of their services. 

Auditing and compliance

Every business is faced with the burden of compliance to specific standards set by regulators. For example, US healthcare providers should conform to HIPAA requirements that ensure the protection of patients’ sensitive data. Reliable managed services providers offer guidance and support in regards to compliance with various IT-related set standards. 

The top three benefits of managed IT services to your business

As an enterprise, you can leverage the advantages associated with managed it services. The most notable ones of these benefits include: 

Robust security against various threats that may arise hence decreased downtime

Various statistics suggest that 43%  of all cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses. This defeats the notion that cybersecurity should be a key concern to only large corporations such as banks and government entities. According to Verizon, 61% of data breaches that occurred in 2017 happened in small companies with less than 1000 employees. On a different note, the average cost of a malware attack to an entity in terms of time is estimated at 50%. 

We can go on and on breaking every bit of statistics associated with cybercrime. All of which points to the need for stringent and constantly upgrading of cybersecurity procedures and regulations. By outsourcing to competent and experienced IT experts, you gain access to proactive risk prevention techniques. MSPs fast implement new security technologies, keeping your organization ahead of attackers. Additionally, by understanding your IT operations, they are better placed at formulating and implementing disaster recovery plans. Helping minimize the liabilities associated with security breaches in case they occur.  Addressing potential risks and responding to them in real-time, consequently reducing downtimes, thereby increasing productivity. 

Scalable IT solutions

With managed IT services, you do not have to incur significant invests in initial technology costs. Your managed services provider takes care of your infrastructure, including data centers. Additionally saving you space and energy required to run such support systems. Furthermore, they cover your licensing, training, consulting, and other related needs. All at a single monthly, quarterly, or annual investment. 

Atop their immediate expert-level support, an MSP lets you scale your IT needs up and down anytime, giving you ultimate flexibility. For instance, if you expand your company with more employees, they upscale their services to cater for the extra staffers. On a different note, if you no longer utilize specific applications in the cloud, you can simply get rid of them through a simple discussion. 

You focus on what is truly important-Your business

Imagine striving to handle server crashes, software upgrades, among other all IT-related tasks while at the same time working on your business goals. This is detrimental to your organizational efficiency as a result of the divided focus. A managed IT services provider lets you focus on what truly matters- which is your business. Furthermore, if you have an internal IT team, they allow them to focus on specific IT projects directly related to your organizational growth. 

In summary, as you scrutinize your enterprise situation to determine your current business IT needs, there is a lot to reap from managed services. You will not only have peace of mind as you enjoy streamlined operations but also save big. 

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