There is a constant growth in the Big Data industry, and this has indeed transformed the way people perceive the industry and how companies in the industry conduct their business.

Big Data describes the massive volumes of both structured and unstructured data which are generated by businesses on a daily basis. Big data helps us get meaningful information from large volumes of data, something we couldn’t have achieved from smaller amounts of data.

Businesses and industries like pharmaceutical, marketing, healthcare and even cyber-security have started to adopt the idea of Big Data, and the adoption rate is set to grow substantially in the coming years.

Estimates indicate that sales from big data and analytics tools, services and applications will reach $187 billion in 2019.

However, you should understand that, whatever the industry, the amount of data you produce is not important. What matters is what the business does with the data. The following are some of the Big Data companies to watch in 2017.


Alteryx offers cloud services and self-service software for business analysts. The company claims to cleanse data from cloud applications, spreadsheets, data warehouses and other applications. It then combines the data and performs predictive, statistical and special analytics.

The company doesn’t write any code in the analytics process; all it uses is the same intuitive user interface.

Alteryx Analytics offers services to different departments like finance, sales and marketing and some of its clients include companies like McDonalds, Kaiser, Veritix, Ford and Experian amongst others.

In October 2015, the company raised a $85 million funding led by Iconiq Capital and Insight Ventures, and this brought its total venture funding to $163 million.


The company claims to use behavioral analytics to improve the emotional intelligence of phone professionals. Cogito applies behavioral science through machine learning and artificial intelligence and these assist businesses to improve their sales results, deliver exceptional customer care experiences and improve the quality of care.

Cogito is supported by Romulus Capital, SalesForce and OpenView Ventures, which invested $15 million in November 2016. The company offers both cloud and on-premise applications.

It also has plans to continue customer momentum by increasing the development and delivery of its deep learning behavioral understanding as well as other advanced product capabilities.


DataVisor was established in 2013, and it claims to use big data analytics to enable predictive threat management for portals and applications centered on the customer.

It has solutions which assist in big data fraud detection, and it uses unsupervised analytics to identify any malicious activities which can damage mobile apps, consumer-facing websites, and banks.

DataVisor offers cloud software with a threat intelligence console and an API which assist in providing tests on its customer’s data. The company claims that it can handle large volumes of data using its security analytics engine with Apache Spark big data platforms.

Previously known as Oxdata, is an open source machine learning platform for data products and smarter applications. The company claims to develop and deploy algorithms and models for Python, R and Sparkling Water API for Spark to operationalize data science.

Some of the applications which are considered to be mission-critical include ICU monitoring, credit scoring, security, predictive maintenance, user-based insurance, operational intelligence, fraud, predicting sepsis and auditing.

The company also claims to support common database and file types like Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Studio and R. Its customers include McKesson, Progressive, AT&T, Walgreens, Comcast, Capital One and Kaiser Permanente. raised capital of $20 million in 2015 which brought its total capital to $33.6 million. Some of the investors include Transamerica Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, and Paxion Capital Partners.


Teradata offers enterprise big data services and analytics like CRM, Data Driven Marketing, BI and Warehousing amongst others. The company was established in 1979 and was later acquired by NCR. However, in 2007 it spun off from NCR to become an independent entity.

In 2014, the company launched Connection Analytics, which claims to support data-driven analytics which assists in discovering how the relationships between people, products, and processes influence each other.

Services offered by the company include demand chain management, data driven finance, customer journey analytics, cyber security analytics and IoT analytics amongst others.

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