Today, the evolution of cloud technology has significantly impacted video production and video conferencing. Video production companies usually require high computer processing power, storage capacity, and internet access, which are some of the features which are offered by cloud solutions.

The growth in technology has allowed more and more of video post-production activities to move into the cloud, something which video production companies are finding to be very helpful. 

The cloud has been able to address security, processing speed, and storage capability, something which has motivated video producers to adopt the technology at a higher rate. Today, instead of production companies shifting from one production hardware to another, they are moving from one cloud technology to another, something which is saving the companies a significant amount of money.

Why cloud technology is the best for video post-production.

Cloud services offer high storage and processing requirements to video production companies. These companies can access their files via the Internet from any locations.

Dedicated platforms designed for broadcast applications provide cheaper and better performance. These platforms offer increased control over the storage location of the data, personal, legal and preference requirements. Here is how cloud technology has affected video post-production.

  • Better picture quality – the cloud is the best platform for working with proxies in video post-production. Proxies improve both video resolution and quality, and this is meant to continue for the unforeseeable future.
  • Security – for video post-production in cloud computing, data loss can be alleviated by keeping numerous data copies on multiple sites. This is very easier for a cloud services provider compared to an individual broadcaster.   
  • Beyond post-production – cloud technology can stretch beyond post-production. The cloud can offer solutions for graphics design, publishing, advertising and distribution, something vital for video production companies.
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