Developing an IT infrastructure can be very complex and expensive for new and growing businesses.  Limited time, expertise and resources often constrain how much small and midsize businesses can achieve.

However, software companies have come in place to assist these businesses in developing tools that are either specifically designed for SMBs or can be configured to support more different needs.

Respected IT firms have created IT support solutions to help businesses create and use great cloud apps for better profitability in the World Wide Web. ResoluteTS IT Support solutions, for example, help small businesses to troubleshoot as well as resolve the challenges in their business processes that emerge from cloud apps and services.

From email marketing to accounting tools, there is always a service which can meet your needs regardless of your company’s technological and economic thresholds.

Some of the great cloud apps for small businesses include:


MozyPro is an online service that allows you to schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups to the cloud. As a small business owner, you get the confidence that you’ll be able to recover from data loss disaster, without the need of investing in your backup infrastructure and skills.

Salesforce Pardot marketing automation

Do you want to save your sales and marketing team’s time? Then consider Salesforce Pardot. It gives SMEs the chance to automate lead tracking, nurturing and scoring, while assisting both businesses functions join to drive revenue and efficiency.

Box can be compared to My Documents desktop folder except it can only be found online and can be accessed from all gadgets and devices. It’s very easy to use, as you only drag and drop the documents you want to access while travelling, so you never have to worry about finding that email attachment or forgetting your USB drive. It’s perfect for collaboration also and allows everyone in your team to share and update documents in Salesforce.

Fairsail HR management system

Small businesses need an HR solution that substantially fits their daily business activities and can support growth at the drop of a hat. Fairsail offers a comprehensive system for small and mid-sized businesses, thus increasing workforce visibility, delivering great experiences and boosting HR productivity.


Quickbooks offer an online service that helps you to meet all your accounting needs, such as creating VAT returns, creating budgets, developing business reports and monitoring cash flow. Although it started as a desktop program, it now provides small businesses with a focused accounting functionality from any location in the world.

Citrix grasshopper

For many years, Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions was specifically developed for large businesses. However, tools like Citrix Grasshopper gives you the ability to setup your VoIP tool easily and access basic phone system features such as faxing, call routing and voicemail.

Although it doesn’t have advanced features like call recording, dial-in conferencing and a unified communications application, it gives the opportunity to enjoy higher call quality and call center feature not available in your local phone company.


Evernote allows you to store and make sense of all the notes that clutter your desk on post-its or the back of envelopes. It can even enable you to scan imaged for words, so you can easily upload a picture of a whiteboard full of handwritten notes and be able to find it later using text search.


Nowadays, customer service is the main battleground for modern small businesses, on one where they often win victory over bigger industry players. GetFeedback is developed to assist you in creating online surveys that indicate how you want them to appear and the devices you want them to be accessed in.


As your sales and marketing team grows, so does the challenge of effectively managing territories and routing. However, Geopointe makes it easier as it helps you to put your data on the map and assist you to plan the processes on the table.

Salesforce1 mobile app

Salesforce1 Mobile App is the perfect tool for salespeople who are ever travelling. It allows you to plan your day in the field and keep track of all sales opportunities from your mobile device. It also gives you the opportunity of installing mobile-ready apps from the Salesforce AppExchange or even customizes your apps.

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