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How to find Managed IT Services in Toronto

Photo: Pixabay Toronto is undoubtedly Canada’s economic engine. The largest city in the country accounts for 18 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) and hosts each of the five top Canadian banks. All significant business sectors such as technology, retail,...

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Cloud Deployment Models

Cloud computing is creating a digital shift in the IT sector. According to Gartner, cloud computing solutions market is estimated to hit $411 billion by 2020. Cloud computing has proven to be the poster boy of how technology can disrupt an industry. A variety of...

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Software Engineering and The Cloud

Cloud computing is a rising industry. It is increasingly becoming popular and is being adopted by many organizations. Today, we are witnessing an increasing number of articles specifically focused on cloud-related technology. Researchers are also trying to identify...

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MSP Industry Trends

Since the inception of managed services back in the 90s, businesses have had different experiences with MSPs- tremendous success and challenges to some measure. MSP market has grown over the years, and it is expected to hit a market value of 229.59 Billion USD by the...

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Big Data

How to Start an IT Consulting Business

IT consulting, just like any other consulting business, can be highly lucrative. The initial costs are low, with significant chances of upsell and high revenues. Statista, for example, predicts that IT consulting revenue in the US will reach $424.33 billion by the...

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How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Technology has taken huge leaps in the last few decades leading to the development of advanced products and devices that have forever transformed the way we live and work. One of these advancements is in the way we store and access our data. From floppy disks to...

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