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Unrivalled Website Designs

We all love websites that are keen to details in such a manner that captures our attention. On top of it all, we also cherish those websites whose interactions are impeccable and smooth to operate. To achieve all these, the team putting up the website must not only be...

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Things to Know About Data Analytics in Healthcare

Historically the healthcare industry has generated large amounts of data, driven by record keeping, compliance and regulatory requirements and patient care. While most data is stored in hard copy form, the current trend is towards the rapid digitalization of these...

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Best VPS Cloud Hosting: What Does It Entail?

Cloud VPS Hosting is a private server which is shared by many users. Its setup is similar to shared physical server hosting with numerous accounts. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) host fewer users compared to physical servers. Their cloud technology redundancy ensures...

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Private Cloud Security Best Practices

Providing private cloud services may see to be a simple straight forward job. But in actual sense, it is not especially with the constantly raising security threats. Private cloud vendors have always had it rough with security issues and the constantly changing...

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Big Data


Scala, Java and the Cloud

Cloud computing or simply the cloud is one of the newfangled technologies of the 21st century that has immensely transformed how businesses deliver their services today. The cloud has been instrumental in handling workloads for businesses, giving them more time to...

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