In the recent few years, the cloud has changed everything. Actually, cloud computing and cloud infrastructure have completely transformed the world of IT and web infrastructure.

Because of this, the cloud is becoming common, especially for web infrastructure. Companies offering cloud hosting services are constantly growing their market share. For the longest time possible, many people have been using cloud-based web servers hosted remotely for their websites and some companies host their websites in on-site web servers.

As technology continues to grow, cloud hosting becomes cheaper, more reliable and efficient thus becoming the favorite choice for many people and companies. It is no surprise that cloud-based software is quickly overtaking on-premises software.

In fact, even the new types of software, like the TrackAbout Tool tracking software are being designed to operate in the cloud. These latest developments have put the future of the web in the cloud.

The following are the reasons why you need to learn about cloud technology and why cloud hosting is the future of web hosting.


Higher uptime and reliability

Cloud-based hosting services are normally reliable compared to on-site web infrastructure. The main reason behind this is that cloud hosting services are typically heavily redundant. This means that they can deal with any storage problem, power outage or connectivity issue encountered very quickly.

Cloud-based web infrastructure also lowers the possibility of your website’s downtime to almost zero. This gives your company and the in-house IT team the opportunity to focus on the core business.



Upgrading your web servers can be a daunting and ungrateful task. However, with cloud-based web infrastructure, the process is usually very easy and stress-free. One can increase more capacity anytime they want, easily and very quickly.

Also, companies don’t have to worry about outpacing their service provider’s ability as they have a huge size and tremendous processing powers dedicated specifically to web hosting.


Faster page load times

Building a fast and reliable on-premise server can be very costly. However, cloud-based web infrastructure has a large storage capacity and a fast processor, which means it’s very quick and reliable.

These features allow the web infrastructure to improve the speeds of your website, which is important to attract more customers.

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