One of the best things that can ever happen to a business is a fully fledged unified communications (UC) framework that promotes business collaboration and productivity through verbal communications and sharing of data. Skype for Business is one such interconnected platform of enterprise communication devices.

Among the details that define a reliable UC system such as Skype for Business is the real-time or nearly-real time presence of the users. This means that the workflow process can be incapacitated when issues inevitably arise hence the need for a proactive approach on how the UC platform is managed.

While some believe that keeping a closer eye on a few aspects such as processing, memory, and the disk is enough, there is more that involves proactive Skype for Business Monitoring routines. With Skype for Business monitoring solutions, you have the liberty to go beyond the superficial observations and further focus your eyes on what really matters for a seamless performance such as the logs of all the events taking place on your platform.

With various Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that you are bound to meet as a goods or services provider to your client, you surely need something beyond the traditional tools that can declare a healthy platform of your Skype for Business (SfB) with so many undetected issues underlying. A monitoring dashboard solution such as Powersuite Monitoring Solution that deploys synthetic and easy to use detection systems, is a great milestone that any organization can count on. Such SfB monitors observe end users experiences around the clock thereby detecting and prioritizing incidents that might compromise the quality of UC performance.

The power to troubleshoot voice quality and other issues pertaining network performance should be as fast as possible. And since impromptu responses might be sometimes required to curb compromising situations, the monitoring technology deployed should be heuristic in nature, making it a 1,2,3 affair for your IT experts to grasp and address the arising areas of weaknesses hence a short resolution time.

Then there is the issue of toll fraud with is increasingly becoming popular among hackers with the emergence of IP telephony. IP PBX hacking is one of the highly suffered toll fraud encounters by most businesses, causing businesses globally up to $7 Billion every year. Commonly referred to as ‘phreaking’, PBX hacking is can potentially harm your business especially since it revolves around third parties finding and selling vital company’s communications and data. If the data shared is sensitive such as medical data, then the SfB monitoring platform should be robust enough and detailed with analytical insights to identify phreaking incidences and spoofed conferences before they affect your company’s telephony budget or damage its reputation.

With a healthy Skype for Business UC system, there come many advantages including quality end-user experiences, getting ahead of fraud, and protecting your business from high costs of hacking. Not to forget are improved employees’ productivity as well as collaboration.

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