We all love websites that are keen to details in such a manner that captures our attention. On top of it all, we also cherish those websites whose interactions are impeccable and smooth to operate. To achieve all these, the team putting up the website must not only be skilled, but also able to relate with the best users’ experiences.

Jaxenter outlines the seven most essential skills that describe a top-notch web designer. Among them include creative thinking, understanding UI (user interface) design, project management skills, excellent coding skills, extraordinary communication skills, and style.

Since the above mentioned set of skills reflected in the end product, we gathered some cracking examples of top notch website designs by PixelCarve that conspicuously exhibits everything from awe-inspiring visuals to fantastic interactivity.  

Gillette ProGlide Microsite

We all know Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor as the most advanced manual shaving system currently present. PixelCarve is the brainchild behind massive international campaigns across some of the most trafficked websites. Their production team came up with visually stunning ads among them being homepage takeovers and conventional banners.

Global Edge Investment (GEI) Website

GEI is a hospitality investment company that develops, acquires, and manages premium hotel and restaurants properties. PixelCarve reflected the vision of GEI which is offering unique hospitality services second to none. They achieved this through engineering a highly functional and easy to navigate website that’s also visually exciting to its visitors.

Accuworx Website

Accuworx is all about taking on the toughest jobs of tackling emerging environmental concerns with the best technologies and the best workforce. Since PixelCarve thrives where beauty is required, the executed a custom website that defined Accuworx at its best. This is simplicity and exactness of the website is just one of the things most people usually rave about concerning websites.

Avenue Road Furniture

We must have had a personally experience one more or a few pieces of furniture. When shopping for them, we look for those types that define us in terms of tastes and preferences. Since most shoppers would like to leave no stone unturned when it comes to searching for the right furniture, PixelCarve made navigation on Avenue Road Furnitures website easy through use of superlative videos that saves visitors the burden of having to imagine a lot on what to expect.  The videos, coupled up with other forms of artworks, including texts, are really filled with information worth consuming for clients in search of furniture that appeals to their nature.

Mizrahi Developments

For the last two decades, Mizrahi has been one of the go to classic buildings developers in North America. They have made a name in coming up with beautiful timeless buildings, that are not only durable but also a display of fine craftsmanship.

To keep Mizrahi’s glory alive, PixelCarve came up with fully responsive brand websites that speaks their language; a language of exemplary craftsmanship, durability, and timeless beauty. Their beautifully shot cimenic videos are just a tip of the iceberg in giving different clients a seamless experience.

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