Cloud Engineering pertains to the discipline developing applications for cloud computing.

Cloud engineering involves creating, maintaining and operating cloud computing tools and applications. It also involves designing the applications to develop cloud resources.

The people dedicated and involved in creating and developing the cloud based resources are called cloud engineers. They are responsible for planning, design, development, maintenance, management and support for the technology.

The primary fundamentals of Cloud engineering includes:

Foundation – It involves understanding the fundamental concept and the basic principles behind cloud computing

Implementation –  It involves the guides and execution of the cloud based service

Lifecycle – It is the complete process of cloud computing. Beginning from the planning stage, to development, to delivery of the service

Management – It involves management of the services from the initial planning stage to delivery stage

Just like cloud computing is a technology as a whole with its branches such as cloud based security, cloud based network, cloud based storage and so on; cloud engineering also speaks of engineering as a whole which can be further broken down into:

  • Cloud architect
  • Cloud software engineering
  • Cloud security engineering
  • Cloud systems engineering
  • Cloud network engineering

Enterprises that deploy or study cloud usually look for engineers pertaining to a specific type of engineering .

The engineering are expected to have various skills. Some of them include:

  • Knowing about operations such as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Both Physical and Logical understanding of the technology
  • Knowledge of the languages (Spoken as well programming languages)
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies and frameworks
  • Development of applications for flexibility and management

Cloud engineering is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand study that a lot of mid to large enterprises always watch out for.

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